Residential Roofing


Is your roof getting older? Are you aware of any faults or damages that have been sustained over the years? It may be time for you to invest in roof replacement services. Here are a few signs that you should be on the lookout for:

  • A common sign that can lead you to believe you need roof repairs is the presence of curled or cracked shingles. Sometimes, you can even be missing shingles on your roof. This is a very common reason that homeowners seek roof replacement services.
  • You should check your attic every so often to look for any signs of leaking water or noticeable damage to your roof. Sometimes, if water is present in your attic, you may need roof replacement services to help remedy the issue.
  • If you have any stains on your ceilings or walls, this may mean that you have an issue with your roof.
  • Another thing that you should check for is whether or not the rafters are sagging. If your rafters are sagging, it could mean moisture is getting in. It is time to call a professional.

  • If you notice any of these signs, do not hesitate to call our team here at Giuffre Contracting, LLC.

    Our shingle roofing services are designed to have the best warranties in the industry!



    Here is our Process:

    • Our contractor will do an initial inspection to assess the damage that's occurred.
    • If there is damage, we will encourage the homeowner to file a claim with their insurance company.
    • An insurance adjuster will visit the property and do an assessment.
    • Once the claim is approved, our contractor will meet with the homeowner to go over the options and choose the right type of materials for the job.
      • ➢ The work is then scheduled.
      • ➢ The roof replacement will be completed
    • Our contractor will submit all the completed paperwork to the insurance company, and this will certify that the work is completed.
    • Once the insurance company verifies that that work is completed, then they will issue payment.